Holistics Wellness Program

We will design a Holistics Wellness Program according to individual requirement after our assessment by our Spa Specialist.


Massage has been shown to assist with the body’s production and regulation of hormones. This can lead to a number of mood enhancing benefits. Depression and anxiety can be managed by massage. The release of endorphins also increases mood levels, further assisting in alleviating depression. Through the body’s peripheral nervous system, endorphins are released throughout the body. With specialized massage treatment, problem areas are targeted and both physical and psychological relief is experienced.

We will design a schedule in order to fit into your timing and help you to relive & unwind your mental health

All Prices Excluded 6% Sales Services Tax (SST) by Malaysia Government

Members‘ Price

RM 600.00 (non-member: RM750 for 5 Hours + Free 5 Hours = Average RM60.00 / per hours

RM 1000.00 (non-member: RM1250 for 10 Hours + Free 10 Hours = Average RM50.00 / per hours

RM1800.00 (non-member: RM2250) for 20 Hours + Free 20 Hours = Average RM45.00/ per hours

(Can be shared with 1 partner)

5 in 1 Packages Free to Choose

  1.  Above list price is after 20% membership discount. Click Here to register as our Borneo Tribe Life Time Membership today.

  2. This promotion valid for six (6) month only after date of Purchased

  3. This packages can't be used to cater Tourist Group Booking / Agent Booking

  4. This Wellness Program designed specially for you only 

  5. Any enquiry, please call 088-252088 or 010-9701308.

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