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Pre-Natal Massage

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Many expectant mamas turn to massage therapy during pregnancy to soothe sore, achy muscles and relax before baby arrives. A prenatal massage is very similar to a full body massage that you experience at the spa. The main difference is that the masseuse will make a few modifications to ensure the safety (and comfort) for mama and baby.

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Mama doesn’t lay on her stomach. Not only is that unsafe, it simply isn’t comfortable! In order to massage Mama’s back, the massage therapist will have Mama lay on her side and cradle a body pillow. The pillow will keep Mama comfortable, yet allow the masseuse access to Mama’s back.

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Certain areas will not be massaged. The abdomen, as well as any pressure points (around ankle, for example) that promote contractions or jump starts labor, are avoided during prenatal massages. We will focus more on your back and lower back which stimulate muscle relaxation of pregnant mama. 

Prenatal Massage can start as early as 5th Month of Pregnancy (Week 17th onwards) and anything earlier than that posses higher risk to pregnant mama. So we will only accept prenatal massage for pregnant mama which already on the 5th Month of Pregnancy and it is also subject to few medical condition and to be approved by your obstetrics and gynaecology doctor.

Our Pre-Natal Massage per session is RM268.00 for 90 Mins at our Ulu Ulu Spa. If you required a package of 10 sessions, 20 sessions, 30 sessions  at our Spa or at your house;


Please feel free to talk to our Ulu Ulu Spa Co-Founder - Ms. Karen Tam 0168498277

Terms and Conditions 

  1. Massage sessions are conducted in the comfort and convenience of the client’s house or at Ulu Ulu Spa @ Aeropod

  2. Our massage therapists are local Bumiputra / Indigenious ladies with many years of experience, trained in traditional prenatal and postnatal massage.

  3. A deposit of RM 500 is payable upon confirmation of service packages. Balance payment must be made before or latest by the first day of treatment. We reserve the right to terminate the service if payment is not fully received on time.

  4. Appointment cancellation or postponement must be communicated at least TWO (2) days before agreed appointment date and time.

  5. All massage packages must be utilized within three calendar months from the client’s estimated due date. Unutilized sessions will be forfeited. Unutilized massage packages are non-transferable and non-refundable.

  6. Ulu Ulu Spa shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages that may result from the use of our service.

  7. The management of Ulu Ulu Spa reserves the right to amend the prices, and the terms and conditions without prior notice.

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